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Be Floridian Now

DeLand Family YMCA

Volusia County Calls All Residents to Be Floridian Now
Learn how to Fertilize like a Floridian and follow Florida Friendly yard care practices and landscaping ideas.

The magnificent places we love – Blue spring, Lake
Monroe, DeLeon Springs, St. Johns River, Halifax
River, Indian River Lagoon, even the ocean– are
being spoiled by excess nutrients – the same
nutrients we spread on our lawns as fertilizer.
Nitrogen in our waterbodies can cause algae
blooms and fish kills, affect wildlife habitats and
seep into our drinking water. We will discuss
the special conditions we have as Floridians that
guide how we can save this precious resource for
ourselves and for the future.

Join with your community to be part of the solution to protect our waterways, and save the places where we fish, boat and swim.

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Contact: Mica Lill
Registration Dates:
Jun 1 2018 - Jun 25 2018
Program Dates:
06/25/18 - 06/25/18
Program Days:
Program Times:
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Member Cost:
06/25/18 06/01/18

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